Arctic Geoecology course started in Abisko!

This week at CIRC in Abisko we welcomed the students for the Arctic Geoecology course.

While spring starts to bloom across Sweden, in its northernmost corner a snowy and icy landscape still has few weeks ahead, and with longer days than nights, now is my favorite season to enjoy the Arctic. Good that Easter is coming!


Being a student is Abisko is not the same as in Umeå. During the first weeks, they will spend most of the time outdoors instead of inside a classroom. Here, the students have the chance to participate in several research projects to get a real experience of the scientific way of life.

Me and Carolina Olid are doing a project to study in high resolution how groundwater influences one Arctic lake, specially the Carbon cycle.

We will be using new tools to measure groundwater in lakes, tracing some radioactive elements moving through the soil and water, in very novel way. We are still not certain if the methods will work properly, or if the results will be clear enough, but that is the process of science and at the end it is always worth it. And it is a very interesting part to share this path with some tough students!

This year, Maria Myrstener will lead a pilot project to reveal how productive streams are during winter. Streams in the cold, dark winter… probably asleep you may think, but they might be more dynamic than we expected! Maria may explain more about it in the next post.

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