Brewing beer on recycled water?

Conference participations are a recurring research activity. We are expected to disseminate, communicate and network. Latest example was a one-day conference in Stockholm about current state and future development of the environment. A lot of inspiring talks by scientists, representatives from industrial and governmental agencies. Here, I present my own summary:

  • The future energy sources are renewable (sun, sun, sun, wind and water). However, the present is still crude oil, coal and gas – a transition that will take time!
  • The carbon emissions within Sweden are decreasing, which is a positive development. However, considerable proportions of our food and goods are imported, so a growing part of “our” emissions are generated elsewhere.
  • Great focus on the feasibility to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals until 2030 – little focus that we fail badly to achieve important environmental goals on the national level…
  • Planetary boundaries and limited natural resources are obvious. However, the current global economy is still not adequately adjusted and regulated to that rather well-established fact.
  • There is a clear trend that environmental issues are moving from a focus on technology and environment towards behavior and policy.

And, on a personal note:

  • Travelling by train to Stockholm is a more than convenient alternative. Sustainability starts with your own choices!
  • No matter of color, the politicians that were represented at the conference seemed all to have very reasonable arguments concerning environmental politics. Obviously, there are soon elections in Sweden.
  • And, this week, a new beer was released, entirely brewed on recycled water (yes, the water leaving the sewage treatment plants in Sweden apparently has drinking water quality). It will cost me quite an effort, but I will have to try.

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