First Week as Communication Interns in the Arctic!

First week at the Climate Impact Research Centre (CIRC, part of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Umeå University) and I am already in love with the Swedish mountains! Before going to Abisko, I had only seen the mountains from the train window going up to Narvik. This summer, Sebastian Enhager (see his profile) and I will spend three months here in Abisko, about half an hour from Riksgränsen and about seventeen hours (by car) from both of our hometown, Stockholm, assisting as CIRC’s new communication interns.

This first week at the research station has involved a lot of new faces, exciting events and already a lot of field work, making use of our new hiking boots. During these first days in Abisko, we participated in the grand opening at Naturum with representatives from Gabna Sapmí village, Norrbotten administrative board and the Swedish Government. Taking photos of the new app ”Norrbottens naturkarta” (”Norrbotten’s nature map” in English), the new exhibition at Naturum and the launch of the new gate to Kungsleden, as well as starting up and promoting the event on CIRC’s communication channels (see CIRC’s Instagram, Facebook and webpage).

The remaining days this first week have involved taking photos and producing content from several field works, on a boat in Stordalen mire and the beautiful lake Torneträsk as well as hiking on the Nuolja mountain and in Abisko National Park. The amount of different projects being carried out at CIRC is impressive. During this first week, we have only been able to touch upon the surface of these activities. Additionally, this week we have awed to the Midsummer sun never going down and danced around the Midsummer pole. And tomorrow, we will participate in and contribute with communicative content to a fairly new project called Participatory Mapping, where Swedish Television (SVT) also will join.

There is a lot happening and a lot to do here, as you might notice from this attempt to describe one week here in one blog post. Follow Sebastian’s and my blog to get to know more about everything that is happening in the Arctic and the Swedish northern mountains.


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