Half-time, feelings of ambivalens

Many have seen the graphs, heard of the crisis we face, know about the changing climate and its impacts. Still, many do not know about the considerable efforts these hard facts depend on. To have seen the graphs is one thing, to understand from where and how these conclusions have been drawn is something totally different.

As with all scientific research, hard work is required. Such as ”Fingerprints of change: Abisko plants and phenology”, one of many scientific projects taking place at CIRC. This project depends on one hundred years of research, of time-consuming and continuous identification and measurements of plants and snow on top of the Nuolja mountain, to be able to understand and compare environmental changes and its impact on nature.

There is a need to communicate these processes, for each and everyone to see the big picture – as well as the smaller picture. Both of us, together with many others, have a hard time grasping these scientific facts, even though we are placed in the middle of it all. Is it the scientific research that makes it challenging to apprehend? Or is it the communication of the same research that makes it challenging?

Surrounded by these question marks, we have found the most important part of being a communication intern; to reach out and make accessible the impressive work these hard facts depend on.

This includes involving people that are able to talk to a bigger audience, such as our visit from the Ernman Thunberg family (of the Swedish opera singer, Malena Ernman). With Ernman Thunberg’s help and in their words, though only for a couple of days, CIRC had the opportunity to reach out with their research to a bigger audience.

Half-time, and we are not even close to have visited all CIRC projects. So far, we can both conclude a sort of  ambivalens of feelings after spending half of our summer here in Abisko; a combination of joy and sadness. Joy towards the impressive work taking place here and sadness towards the terrifying forces we and our nature are facing.

/Sebastian & Yrsa


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