Trip with the Alpine Ecology course

Did you know that Trollsjön (or Rissájávri in Northern Sami) is the clearest and cleanest lake in Sweden? On June 27, we meet with the students from the introductory course on Alpine Ecology (7,5 credits), held at CIRC via Umeå University, and went together to Kärkevagge and Trollsjön. The aim of today was to learn about alpine pollination and to study alpine bumblebees. Though, Yrsa’s and my main aim was to photographically catch the stunning landscape of Kärkevagge and the students in action. While none of us are experts of the area, the course lecturer, Stig-Olof, told us all about it’s ecological and biological features. While running around with a camera on stones and creeks and trying to catch up with the students catching bumblebees is not the easiest task, the pictures still ended up quite beautiful – with the help of an incredible view. To see all the photos from the field day with the Alpine Ecology students, see CIRC’s Facebook page or Instagram!


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