Fun filled days in Pardubice




We had a smooth trip to Prague which led to a nice sight-seeing tour with our very own free walking tour with our own Benkt! After that, we headed to Pardubice late Sunday evening and checked into the hotel.

Monday started with a generous hotel breakfast. Thereafter, we headed to the university and there the workshop began. It was an action-packed day with icebreakers, Czech culture, and language lessons, along with 4-minute presentations of our research along with a lot of constructed feedback.


In total, there are 21 PhD students from Wales, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Portugal. We have had a lot of discussions and networking our first day that led to some cheap adult refreshments, cheaper than water!

Day two started with a poster presentation and feedback about presentations, woven into poster feedback. Now, it’s time for us to visit respective departments at the university here in Pardubice.





Tune in tomorrow for updates!

/Lucas and Norman

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