Goodbye Pardubice!

Thursday was the final workshop day. Research integrity and research ethics stood on the agenda. Just like all of the other workshop sessions, our expectations were exceeded. We had interesting discussions with both the instructors and most importantly other PhD candidates – what is good research? What is truth? What is knowledge?

The farewell dinner included the handing out of prizes for the best 5 posters. Umeå University took home both first and second place! Norman’s poster entitled Fighting Chemistry with Chemistry won first place while Lucas’ poster Social Innovation for Environmental Sustainability: A business model lens received second place honors.

Now that the workshop has ended, some questions should be answered: Did you we get anything out of this week? Were our expectations met? Did we successfully network? Did we enjoy ourselves? Would we recommend this experience to others?


Both of us are in agreeance that this workshop went above and beyond expectations. We learned a lot, from how to communicate our research, how to think critically about what we are doing to interesting elements of the Czech culture and even how students learn to restore old pieces of artwork.


But, with all of that learning, our biggest takeaway is that we had a fun week and the friends we made along that way. We socialized every night, just hanging out, talking, and having fun with the other PhD students. We made bonds with people that we never thought we’d ever meet and not only did we have fun, but we grew as people and as individuals. Hands down, the best part was the cultural exchange and experiences we shared with the other E.I.D.S. participants. Would we recommend attending an E.I.D.S. workshop to other PhD students? – without a doubt! Both of us, along with everyone else, put ourselves out there, and that led us to learn more about ourselves as researchers and individuals, and to us having a great time.


We’d like to thank Benk(g)t, Anders, and Anna, the organizers, especially the Czech staff, and all participants of this year’s E.I.D.S. spring school for this unique experience.

/Lucas and Norman

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