More Czech Republic fun

We are continuing to enjoy our busy days in the Czech Republic. After poster presentations and lunch on Tuesday, we had department visits at the University of Pardubice (Lucas at the school of economics and administration and Norman at the chemistry department). Visiting with other researchers yielded mixed experiences. Lucas was able to find potential future avenues for collaboration while Norman was working on communicating with the Czechs. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience to see the university campus. Thereafter we had some teambuilding/personal development/reflection exercises with the group and then explored Pardubice with the other PhD students.


Day 3 led us to visit two other Czech cities. First, we headed to Usti nad Orlici where we visited an international textile manufacturing company called Rieter.  It was very interesting to learn about the company and to see their manufacturing facilities where they make yarn along with other parts for textile machines.

Then, we headed to the city of Litomysl where we visited another campus of the University of Pardubice and the restoration campus. Housed in an old monastery, we learned about how the Czech students at in the restoration program learn how to restore old paintings, books, statues, along with other historical items in need of being restored.

Another very interesting and fruitful day where in addition to the abovementioned activities, we continued networking and enjoying the company of the other PhD students.

/Lucas and Norman

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