The last post – Evaluation of my exchange semester

1) How do you evaluate the quality of the professors and other teachers at your host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent)?

3- In some courses, I had very good teachers who were experienced in their fields and I looked forward to their lectures. I learnt a lot within these courses. Unfortunately, some teachers were not so good at English and conducted the lectures often in Chinese. In these courses, I regreted I had to attend the lectures. I would prefer self- studying at home in these cases.

2) How do you evaluate the quality of the courses you took at the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent)?

3- If I have to compare the courses in Macau with those I attended at Umea University, I would say those in Macau were weaker. The courses were more theoretical than practical. As I said, lectures were conducted sometimes in both languages English and Chinese. Moreover, I didn’t like that lectures were compulsory. It was a waste of time going there. It would be more efficient to study at home. However, I had to go there to get points to my final grade. I missed more flexibility.

3) On your arrival at the host university, were you offered:

A welcome event: Yes, all exchange students were offered a lunch. We met a Dean, some teachers and our buddies there. It was very nice of them.

An information session: Yes, besides our coordinator was very helpful. Also one student who worked for the university provided us with all necessary information to survive in Macau. He showed us the city and explained useful things like where to go shopping, how to buy a Macau SIM card etc. He spent the whole afternoon to show me everything.

An orientation program: No, it was not necessary because we were only 13 exchange students. We got to know each other very quickly.

A language course: Yes, we had one Chinese lesson every week with one of the best teachers I have ever had.

4) How do you consider your degree of integration with local students in the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent)?·

2- As I said we were invited to a lunch after our arrival. We met our buddies there. We talked with them, created a common facegroup. Then, they invited us for a barbecue and one party and then, it was over. I would expect more events, more integration and higher initiative from local students. There is a lot to experince in Chinese culture. All I experienced happened just because I was curious and asked for it. Therefore, I recommend to take the initiative.

5) How did you find your accommodation?

We were living in pairs a hotel with all its comfort. A cleaning lady cleaned and changed our bedlinen every week. The room itself was very nice, cleaned and large. There was air condition too. A big minus was that we had no kitchen so we had to eat out every day. Another minus is that heatings were missing, It was sometimes pretty cold in winter.

6) Did you have to pay any kind of fees at your host university?    

Yes, we had to pay 13, 130 HKD for accommodation for the whole semester upon our arrival. In addition, we had to pay 2000 HKD deposit which we got back at the end of the semester.

7) Recommendations for next year’s students abroad

Try to learn Chinese a little bit before you go. People speak English only at the university.

Don’t be scared about arrival. The university will welcome you very well and help you with everything.

Try to schedule your courses in a few days so that you can travel in the rest of the week. Attend more courses in the first week and select those ones where the level of English is the best.

Ask about Chinese visa in advance. It took me 2 months to get the multientry visa.

Bring warm clothes. Macau is not only crazy hot and wet in summer, very convenient and sunny during autumn but also pretty cold in winter. It can be only +10 and very windy.

Macau is not as cheap as I expected (the rest of Asia is 2-3 times cheaper). You cannot cook and a meal costs around 40 MOP/ 30 SEK. Get ready to eat a lot of rice.

Take advantage of the amazing position of Macau. You can travel cheaply not only to China but also to the whole South-Eastern Asia. All places I have seen were amazing. Check flights also from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen. All these cities are nearby and offer often cheaper tickets.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me via email:

Hong Kong

Tina skrev precis om att vi var på Coloane, och jag tänkte ta upp vår resa till Hong Kong i helgen. Hong Kong ligger, om ni inte vet det, bara 45-60 minuter och 160 MOP (131 kr) ifrån Macau, vilket gör det till en väldigt bra dagstur, eller helgtur. På lördagsmorgonen gick vi upp och tog en färja vid ca 09.30 och var då i Hong Kong vid ca 10.30. Vi checkade in våra väskor på hotellet, och började röra oss mot Causeway bay, där vi visste att shoppingen var.


Vi spenderade hela dagen i och runt Causeway Bay, och kom tillbaka till hotellet vid 22.00. Vi tog chansen att använda det gratis WIFI som hotellet hade, då internet i Macau är ganska dåligt, så vi Skype:ade med familj, innan vi gick och la oss.

På söndagsmorgonen gick vi upp tidigt, ett tips vi fått från en bekant, för att hinna före rushen upp till Victoria Peak, vilket är en utkiksplats där man kan se hela Hong Kong.


När vi väll skulle åka ner med spårvagnen framkom det varför vi skulle upp tidigt, då det var lååååååååång kö för att ta sig upp till Victoria Peak. Efter vi hade kommit ner, tog vi oss till hotellet, sov en stund till, för att sen fortsätta shoppa. Vi var åter igen hemma p våra rum i Macau vid kl 22.00.

// Jacob


För någon vecka sedan åkte vi till södra delen av Macao, Coloane.  Om ni hamnar i Macau i framtiden så rekommenderar jag verkligen att ni ska åka dit! Coloane är mycket lugnare, har inga kasinon och mer natur.


Vårat första stopp var Lord Stow Bakery som är känd för att göra Macau’s bästa eggtarts. Eggtart är förövrigt den bakelsen man ska äta när man är i Macau. Gott var det också! :))


Bageriet är så poppis att man får ta nummerlapp för att kunna gå in. Jag och Jacob var ju bara två så vi kunde snabbt klämmas in.






Vi beslöt oss för att gå runt Coloane och det var sjukt värt! Man fick se delar av Coloane man inte kunde se med buss. Exempelvis den här utsikten. Det här är en av två stränder i Coloane.



Det finns också en vandringsled som vi gick…. lite på. Men nästa gång tänker vi gå hela!


En strand. Synd att vattnet är så skitigt att man typ inte kan bada. Dock kan man hyra olika typer av små segelbåtar och annat roligt.




Köpte en Brownie för 8 kronor som var handgjord. HAHA, låter helt fascinerande. Men i Sverige får man väl en halv brownie från lidl med massa konserveringsmedel.


Sex ingredienser!! (haha fortfarande fascinerad av detta ;))

//Tina och Jacob

Streets in Macau


Mondays will not be my favourite days of the week. I was waking up at 7 a.m. to go to the university and I returned back home as late as now at 10 p.m. It was difficult to create a schedule but on the other hand, I have free Fridays and Saturdays. Chinese students usually go to study on Saturdays, some internationals as well. I will have time for travelling/ partying.


Anyway, to forget my long day, I returning to nicer moments, specifically to the last week and our exploring Macau. Macau is not a large Chinese region with just 29.5 km2. We managed to discover all its three islands within the last week. Our campus lies on the central Taipa island where are also situated three out of four most important Macau casinos.






City of dreams


It looks here exactly like how I imagine Las Vegas. Everything is blinking at night. Very expensive cars are passing and people are gambling or just having fun. The only one thing which doesn’t fit to my image of Vegas is that here are almost no drunk people (just international students). Apparently, Chinese people can enjoy themselves without alcohol.

Besides casinos, here is a small city centre with some shops, supermarkets, restaurants and also a park Taipa Grande with a mountain and a nice view. Actually, I haven’t climbed it yet. It is still pretty hot here for climbing but we have a lot of time to go there. That is all for our island. Everything here is close to our campus so we can walk easily. If we are lazy, we can take a bus which is very cheap 2,5 MOP only (0,25 EUR; 6 CZK).


A bus can take us also to the main island Macau. If we want to save 2,5 MOP even though I think it is not necessary, we can take free casino buses which connect all important casinos, ferry terminal and the airport. The city has been growing very quickly. As a result, the city decided to start constructing an underground which is going to be completed next year. For now, we go to Macau by bus  over a bridge 4,4 km long.


Macau island is very different to Taipa island. There are really a lot of skyscrapers.


The flats look so small from outside and who knows why, the windows and balconies are caged. I would really like to see how the flats look inside.


If you just randomly walk in the streets, you can see various shops, local crazy fast foods (I will get back to them in one of my next posts), or service providers like a hairdresser below.


Among skyscrapers, you can see also Portugese architecture.


After our random walk and a small lunch, we decided to take a map and find some touristic places. We came to the main square.



There were also ruins of an old St. Paul’s church which is really astonished by Chinese visitors. It looks the same as all churches we have in Europe but apparently, here it is something unique.


I met some people who were interested in taking a picture with me because I am European but I am not the most favourite person here. One of my friends is 2 metres tall, has blond hair and blue eyes. That’s something Chinese people really can’t miss. Here is one of the pictures in front of the old St. Paul’s church.


Afterwards, we visited the Macau castle where you can have a nice view of the city



A green fly really wnated to be in the picture



or Grand Lisboa casino, the last of the fourth most important casinos in the city.



As weather was still very favourable, we decided to have even better view and went to visit the Macau tower. Image

Here are some views from the tower:



Besides a view, you can also experience something more crazy. Here is the longest bungee jumping in the world  longer than 200 metres or have a skywalk in the altitude 300 m. Unfortunatelly, it was expensive like hell so we returned back home.



Last weekend brought sunny and hot weather so we decided to check the last island with beaches. According to my tourist guide, the beaches were even supposed to be clean so I really looked forward. This island is least densely populated. Here are a lot of hiking tracks and an old Portugese village. The bus left us in the village which looked really similar to European southern villages and we followed a small road leading to the beach. However, there was a police barrier after a few metres so we wanted to get back. We turned around but some local people jumped over the barrier and continued walking so we decided to follow them. After next kilometre, we recognised why the barriers. Strong rains in the last days resulted in a landslide. I am glad we weren’t walking there in that moment.



After next several minutes, we reached the first small beach.


There was almost nobody and it looked cosy even though water was still not so clean, but much better than in Macau. You can’t see your navel if you are in the water but at least this water doesn’t look dangerous. I was scared the temperature will be like in Dubai but it is pretty ok. I would guess 28C. It is not refreshing but also not hot.


A lifeguard watched us.


After a swim, we continued to the second beach which is connected to the first one by a nice walk on the rock coast.



The second beach is much bigger but not so cosy. There is much more people and strange black sand. The advantage of this beach is a barbecue place here, but about that next time.


That’s enough about Macau for the beginning. I think it is still a lot to see here. We missed a lot of places here. I am curious what it will show us next time.


Studying in China


Macau University of Science and Technology is the third university I will be studying at. To be honest, I had no idea how the studies would look like in Macau. We were the first who went to Macau from Umea University so we had no information from Swedish students. Before my arrival, I was pretty nervous about this semester. Communication with a Chinese exchange coordinator was weak. By some mistake, I didn’t receive any informative emails from her unlike other exchange students and she didn’t respond to my questions. As a result, I didn’t know what I would be studying there and I didn’t feel so confident about coming to the university. Image

However, when I came to Macau, Christina- the Chinese coordinator, turned out to be a nice and helpful lady. She took me to 5 offices to process my registration. We skipped very long queues of Chinese waiting students and the whole registration was done within twenty minutes. After that, I came to the Management and Administration faculty  to select courses for the autumn semester. As I hadn’t received any information about courses before, I was pretty curious what will be offered to me. I should study electives to complete my Master this semester so I can study whatever I want. I am primarily interested in China related courses such as Chinese language, culture, medicine etc.. The problem is that only a few courses are conducted in English here so I had to give up my interests. At least, Christina told us we will get a private Mandarin Chinese classes, starting next week. In the end, only around 10 courses were suitable for me. I have to take six courses this semester (Note: each 3 credits, 18 credits here are equivalent to 30 ECTS in Sweden). I decided to try out all of them and select those where the level of teacher’s English is the best. That seems like the most important thing here.

As other European students are studying on Bachelor level, I usually go alone to the lectures. The university is not large. There are 3 main lecture buildings and all of them are very close to our dormitory (5 minutes walking) and classes are easy to find. Image

In Sweden, I usually had to solve a problem where I put my jacket. In Macau, we have a different problem. We have to remember all the time where we put our umbrella. I had to come back several times to my previous lecture hall because I had forgotten my umbrella there.



Anyway, being the only European student in the class turned out to be very funny. There are around 50 students at each lecture. As I was always the only European there I had to introduce myself. I don’t know why but the whole class applauded me for that. That happened at each lecture. Image

The most funny moment was when I was a little delayed and came to a lecture five minutes later, many Chinese students stared  at me like at an tourist attraction and two Chinese girls even couldn’t help themselves and said loudly: Wow. It looks like a European here is something really extraordinary. I can just smile. It is really funny. After I sat down, they asked me so many questions and wanted to become my friends but why not? They are very kind.

I have again a problem with my name. Saying Jarda or Jaromir seems to be a superhuman performance. I think I have to find a new Chinese name. Actually, why not? All the Chinese students have their own English name, Cantonese name, Mandarin name and who knows how many more. The more names, the cooler you are probably. Not many of Chinese students know the Czech republic but most of them know Prague and even were in the city. That is really interesting. They claim Prague is a very romantic city. One guy was astonished by a look from the Prague city hall and asked me if it is a law to have red roofs in Prague. Haha. Yeah, the architecture is different here. They probably don’t believe it is normal for us. Regarding Sweden, they often mix it up with Switzerland. However, in general, I have to say their knowledge about Europe is very good and they visited so many places there. I feel ashamed when they introduce me their home ten million cities in China and I don’t know them.

Let’s get back to the lectures. Each lecture is different when it comes to English. One course was taught solely in English but the rest of them was in some kind of Chinglish. Teachers speak English but because some students don’t understand English well, they add some Chinese sentences. It depends on a course, English prevails in some cases, sometimes Chinese. When the Chinese dominates, it is difficult to pay attention the whole time. Once I realized I was gazing at a casino for a few minutes from the window instead of listening. The blinking buildings really know how to attract people’s eyes, especially if you have a view like this from your classroom:Image

If you don’t take into account the language, the courses are very similar to European style. I expected a more Chinese view on the business courses but we will use textbooks from American universities as I was used to. We will also use international scientific articles, work on case studies, do presentations and some group work so it will not be a dramatic change. I think it will be ok.

The international office prepared for us a welcome lunch on Friday. We were also welcomed by a dean and Chinese buddies. It was a nice mingle. Image

We met many new people and there was also our teacher of Chinese language which we will have every Thursday. Looking forward. Afterwards, we were invited to a welcoming party for new Chinese students as well. That was something interesting. There were Chinese students singing, performing traditional Chinese dancing, showing Chinese fighting, mascot of the university and others. Image

Also, Gangnam style dance couldn’t miss and most of the audience took part.


That’s all for the first studying week. I am still not sure which courses I will take but it doesn’t matter. A weekend is coming, weather forecast is promising and it means time to explore Macao. My next post will be about all sightseeing and life in Macao. Look forward. It is really interesting here!

First days in Macau

Expectations are usually different than reality. To minimize a cultural shock, I checked several videos, browsed the internet and tourist guides about Macau. I also met two students from Macau in Sweden before my exchange. However, a lot of things surprised me immediately after arrival to this former Portuguese colony.

First, cars are going on the left. I don’t know if I was blind or there were no cars in the videos about Macau but I overlooked this detail. I was quite surprised when a car almost bumped into me on the first zebra crossing.


Second, I read that it is not advisable to swim in the ocean because it is dirty. I thought this claim was exaggerated but it is true unfortunately. Macau lies in the delta of the river Pearl which brings a lot of mud. I would say that the river Morava in my city Olomouc in the time of floods is as comparably “clean” as the ocean in Macau. It seems I will not enjoy swimming in the ocean as I looked forward. Image

Third, weather is not that bad. After I was accepted to the exchange, I added Macau to my weather app on my mobile to check it regularly. During the whole holidays, the app showed the same picture. So does it now.Image

The monsoon period is supposed to end at the end of September and it usually brings around 200 mm of precipitation that month (compared to 40 mm in Prague) so I expected a non stop rain. However, it is quite ok. It usually rains every day but just around 3-4 hours. In the rest of the time, it is cloudy or sunny and you can go out. Anyway, weather is very changeable. I would compare it with British weather but here are storms instead of light rains. Temperature is stable around +30, 90% moisture during the day and also the night. Local people are ready for this climate. They wear umbrella all the time against both rain and the Sun.


Fourth, our dormitory is amazing. I was scared we would be living in some typical tiny Chinese flat in the 50th floor. ImageI was also said that Macau dormitory is pretty strict. You can’t enter the dormitory after 11 and internet is turned off at midnight. However, my disconcertion was unnecessary. Our campus is situated in the main casino area. To enter the largest casino in the world “Venetian”, we just have to take a five-minute walk. ImageI live in a corridor with all other Erasmus students in the first floor and I entered into a large room which is well equipped. We live in pairs. We have our own toilet and shower. Later, I found out that our room usually serves visitors as a hotel. It is nice to be a worthy visit from Europe. In addition, there are no rules for us. We can go out anytime we want and internet works all the time. (Note: Facebook and other “dangerous” pages are working here normally. The firewall is only in mainland China, not in Macau).

The dormitory from outside


A part of our roomImage

Fifth, people don’t speak English. That’s what I really haven’t expected from a European colony. It is pretty cheap to eat out so I often go with my new friends to a restaurant or in the university canteen. As nobody understands us any single English word, we use here a picture language to order something to eat. We just take a picture with our smartphones of a food in the offer which we regard as the least dangerous and we show the picture to the waiters. ImageAnyway, the picture communication together with mime often brings very funny situations. I am glad this works for now but I look forward to the beginning of Chinese language course and I hope I will be able to order something myself.

These five things surprised me mostly. It is important for me that it looks safely here. Here are no insects or other animals which we should be scared of. You can find just a lot of snails here as they like rainy weather. Image

Chinese people are very kind. After we get used to Chinese cuisine, everything will be alright. To sum up all the first impressions, I think it will be a very interesting five-month stay here.

Leaving Europe

Without any previous experience outside of our European continent, I drank up the last Czech Pilsner, went through the gate and suddenly left the Prague airport on the 27th August 2013 at 4 p.m.ImageAlthough I usually hate flights choosing Emirates airlines showed up to be a great choice. Instead of inconvenient seats, a jumping plane and listening to advertisements during the whole flight to which I was used from budget airlines, flying with Emirates was a pleasant experience. The  food was tasty, beverages were served for free and the personal computer was full of movies, TV series, games, music so I did not get bored. Besides, I was full of expectations and thinking a lot about next days. Many questions occurred to me and actually, I asked to myself: Why did I decide to go to Macau? ImageThat’s an interesting question 🙂 When I finished my Bachelor in Prague, I wanted to move on to recognize different culture, different way of studying, to experience and see something new. As I am a fan of winters and pure nature, I was led to the north, Umea, Sweden. This international experience changed my life but that would be a different story 🙂 I met there so many people from all around the world. The world showed up to be much smaller and everything seemed to be so close. That’s the reason why I wanted to see more. Looking at the possible exchange places from Umea university, Macau seemed to be one of the most interesting ones. I wanted to move outside of the Europe but it is a European colony so I didn’t expect it to be a dangerous jungle. I thought people will speak English there. Also, it is well situated for travelling. I’ve heard you can get from Macao easily to Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China and also to the south eastern Asia. Lastly, I thought about weather. Despite Swedish beautiful snowy winters and white nights in the summer, the autumn is not the best there :/ I wanted to avoid rainy and dark October and November. In addition, I read that the best time to visit Hong Kong and Macau is autumn so I just have to survive the last month of the monsoon season (May-September) and then, it will be amazing there 🙂 After I was accepted to the exchange, I found out Macau is considered to be “Las Vegas of Asia” which is just a another plus 😀 But let’s get back to my journey. ImageI was flying via Dubai and Emirates offer a nice bargain packages. If you book a room in a hotel, you get also transport to and from the airport, breakfast and visa for free so I chose the cheapest one and stayed one day in Dubai 🙂 Dubai is really worth visiting. There is both interesting historical and modern city centre. My first steps led to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. ImageIt is 830 m high but the touristic viewpoint is just at 452 m. Anyway, it is a beautiful view. You can see from there Dubai Skyscrapers, desert, Persian Gulf, Burj Al Arab hotel, the World islands and other stuff and staff as well haha 😀ImageThe only problem is you feel like in a sauna. The observation place is made from wood which absorbs sunrays very well so imagine how it could be like there when it is +40 C in the shadow.

There is the second biggest shopping mall in the world- Dubai Mall next to the Burj Khalifa. Besides thousands of shops, there are other attractions such as a huge aquarium, ice rink or a waterfall.ImageFor lovers of shopping, it must be the best experience. I think especially some girls could spend there a week without any problem 😀 I didn’t have so much time and money so I moved to the old city. Finally, I could see the Arabic architecture- the Mosques, the old quarter Bestakiya or traditional markets. ImageImageIt was pretty difficult to get rid off merchants with souvenirs. Not only once I got the traditional headscarf on my head and I was forced to take a picture. I really didn’t want to buy it. My luggage was already oversized and I couldn’t afford to bring something more but negotiation was really fun 😀 Starting at 150 dirhams finished at 20 dirhams (they claim the normal price is 50 dirhams in the guide so I am really good 😀 ) ImageBut anyway, they were so sad afterwards when I didn’t buy it 🙂 After 3 hours of sightseeing in +40, I felt quite hot so I visited another air conditioned shopping mall- The Mall of the Emirates where I cooled down even better by a look at a ski slope. Image

My last stop was at Dubai Marina where is nice scenery of many skyscrapers.  Besides a harbour, there is a long sand beach nearby. I read that the average temperature of the Persian Gulf in August is 32 C so I had to try to swim in a coffee. Actually, I think it was warmer than my body. It was like swimming in a hot spa in the Alps but with a view at skyscrapers instead of mountains.ImageThe way back to my hotel took around one hour by metro because the Dubai Marina was around 30 km far from the city centre. When I got back, it was already midnight and I had to move to the airport to catch my flight to Hong Kong. My transport (a luxurious Volvo) was already waiting for me 🙂 the chauffeur went to pick up all my luggage and I felt like a VIP person 😀

I think I have to go back to Dubai. It was very nice  experience but too short time for such a big and interesting city. I was afraid of a cultural shock and to do something embarrassing but I felt very safe and comfortable. Just once, I felt embarrassed because I entered a carriage of a metro for women but I realised it rather early and I moved to another one.ImageWearing jeans in +40 seems to be strange but rules must be followed. I felt bad about primarily Russian tourists who didn’t follow the dress code at all.

The rest of my journey was without any problem. After landing in Dubai, I took a Turbojet ship and I came on 28th August at 19 p.m. to Macao. Then, I felt little sorry for a Macao taxi driver who took me to the dormitory because I couldn’t pay by card and I had only 54 HKD and it cost 75 HKD but he let me go. Thanks for this noble deed 🙂

I am sorry I think I wrote too much just about the arrival and nothing yet about Macao 🙂 it will come soon 😛

Seminarie och internet.

Jag har läst en sommarkurs under sommaren, och hade sista momentet idag, ett webbseminarie, vilket kan låta ganska enkelt. Dock så är internet här väldigt krångligt, ibland funkar det ibland inte, på rummet måste jag använda safari, och i skolan måste jag använda firefox, på rummet kommer jag inte åt allt (tex kommer jag inte åt, mail, facebook, eller Whatsapp) men jag kan livestream:a sport från USA….. väldigt random. På skolan kommer man åt allt till ett ganska snabbt internet, om man har lyckats hitta internet. Så för att återgå till webseminariet, så var det ju inte helt enkelt att hitta tillräckligt bra internet, men efter ha flyttat mitt ”kontor” fyra gånger så kunde jag slutföra mitt seminarie med ett godkänt resultat.

Middagen igår blev en lokal restaurang där det enda språket vi båda parter kunde ”förstå” var peka, nicka, och tummen upp…. men vi lyckades få vår mat tillslut. Jag hade beställt någon form av gryta med kyckling och ris, som inte smakade speciellt mycket.

Så idag tänkte vi att vi skulle få revansch, och det fick vi, idag hittade vi en jättebra restaurang med bra priser (mat och dryck ca 53MOP = ca 45 kr). Biffgryta med ris, och kall lemon tea till…. riktigt bra, dit kommer vi gå igen.

Som Tina skrev nyss så strular kurserna lite, så imorgon ska vi gå till vår kontaktperson och försöka skaffa fler kurser, då vi måste ta sex stycken, och jag har bara blivit tilldelad fyra. Får se hur det går…..

// Jacob

A bit of frustration, yes

Åååååååååh vilken frustration det varit idag. I går fick alla utbytesstudenter reda på att många av kurserna i Företagsekonomi är på kinesiska då professorerna redan förberett materialet. Kvar fanns FEM kurser och någon av dom kunde vi inte ens läsa. En termin är sex kurser.

Så… i princip alla 13 utbytesstudenterna var helt körda. Skulle vi inte få fler kurser behövde i princip alla åka hem om dom ville ha sin kandidat examen.

Men efter att alla utbytesstudenterna skickade ett e-mail och förklarade att vi får åka hem om inget händer så hände saker ganska så snabbt:))))). Så förhoppningsvis ska detta vara löst imorgon.

// Tina

Jacob och Tina


15:15: Landar i Hong Kong!!!

17:30: Sitter på färjan på väg till Macau.  Jacob spyr inte = skönt.

18:30: Checkar in på hotellet. Jacob som är supertrött försöker slänga sig på sängen. Tar stopp. “Sängen är eventuellt lite hård”, säger Jacob.

18:31: Jacob och jag ligger i sängen och har ångest. Antar Jacob har fått ångest då han utbrister: “VAD HAR VIII GJOOOORT??!!”.

19:00: Bestämmer oss för att äta lite. På vägen kan inte jag heller hålla mig och utbrister “VAD HAR VI GETT OSS IN PÅ??!!”. Jacob svarar “Vadå VI? Det är DU som drog med mig HIT”. Okej.

20:00: Tillbaka på hotellet.


7:30: Hotellfrukost!!! En liten tjej glor på mig och Jacob hela frukosten, eventuellt för att vi är dom enda västerlänningarna på hotellet.

9:00: Checkar ut och på väg till skolan!

10:00: Går genom registrering och annat tråkigt. Tar bild till student-id. Svettiga och snygga:)))

10:30: Får se våra rum!!! Vi har blivit inackorderade i skolans egna hostel/hotell. Städning en gång i veckan. Eventuellt specialbehandlade.

13:30: Rundtur med några inhemska studenter. Åker in till stan. Äter något annat än Mcdonald’s. Går till en supermarket och köper frukost. När jag inte hittar plastbestick säger Jacob irriterat “Men det är ju för att dom äter med pinnar fattar du väl”. Jag hittar ändå och dagen får ett lyckligt slut.

// Jacob och Tina