NTU Summer+ Program: Two-Day Field Trip! Part 3 (10th-11th August 2013)

Well, that last party was certainly a workout! Felt like I had ran a marathon the day after, so who needs a gym anyway?

Well it was a fresh new day, ready to go again for cultural exploration and enjoy some laughs/banter along the way. So first stop, the ’National Center of Traditonal Arts’, a diverse display of the different art influences that shape Taiwanese culture today, blending Japanese, Chinese, and local styles. From Cosplay in the streets, to a Chinese opera (where a tale similiar to ’Robin Hood’ was performed!), plus a long stretch of different shops with their own niches closely connected to Asian culture. So to start, enter Waterfront Boulevard and beyond!….

Now you might be thinking ’but what about all those shops you spoke of? you didn’t see it unlessed you snapped it!’ Well most of these shops had a strict policy of no photography inside, but at least you can see a taste of the scenery! (Except for Yoshi’s ’Big Brush’ photo…I mean, breaking the rules once isn’t too bad, just keep the ’flash’ off)

So after a lengthy yet fruitful tour of this area, next stop was the water park! However, no swimming took place to begin with, we had someting far more authentic to test first (and something which my ’Viking Longboat’ roots were calling me to)…..this being of course Dragonboating!

With an efficient (and passionate ’Spartan’ style team), we completed the route at great speed, with ourselves wondering where the time had gone. A super fun team activity that I would totally recommend to anyone, whether you’re thinking about doing it or not. After this consisted of some lazying/playing around in a water park, including myself injuring my foot (only Jeddy Yuan will know why 😉 ) In any case, we all had a great time, but found ourselves starving from our physical ordeals. So how should we dine on the way back? In style of course, at a classy Sashimi style restaurant!

These dishes and many more were served up to our respective tables with one/two dishes at a time, giving our palettes a rollercoaster ride of flavours from many different types of meats, vegetables and especially seafood. This routine was a relief to myself and others, since the first dish was finished in no more than 5 minutes, while we sat there wondering ’…is this it?’. So in the end, we filled our bellies plenty, concluding our activities in Yilan, and the Two-Day Field Trip, where we would head back on our coaches to our dorm buildings in the late evening.

I can rate this trip an absolute 10/10, full of great new experiences, food, places while being accompanied with some outstanding student advisors and many amazing friends which added an hugely positive atmosphere to the trip in general. So with this gratitude, I must sign off this post and can say the Field Trip is finished. Stay tuned in, and in the mean time, stay classy people!