About exchange studies

Are you a student at Umeå University considering studying abroad? If so, there are different approaches to consider. Either you can apply to become an exchange student through an agreement, or you can travel on your own.

Going on an exchange abroad involves applying for one of the exchange placements available to Umeå University at its various partner universities all over the world. You can only go on exchange to the universities with which Umeå University has student exchange agreements. At Umeå University, there are exchange agreements on a central level, faculty level, and departmental level. This blog is about the central agreements.

The central agreements are open to the entire university, and all students can apply for them. The requirement is that you have to be registered as a student at Umeå University and it must be possible to count your overseas studies as part of your degree programme at Umeå University. One major advantage of these agreements is that as an exchange student, you won’t have to pay expensive term fees to the partner universities.

The faculty agreements are open to students with specific faculty affiliation.  For more information, get in touch with your faculty’s contact person. (Faculty agreements include University of New Brunswick, University of Madison- Whitewater and University of Madison- Wisconsin only open for students at the Faculty of Social Science).

Exchange places, for the following academic year, through central agreements are announced in October. Information sessions will be held in connection with the announcement. If you are interested in the faculty- and/or departmental-agreements, get in touch with the international contact person at your department.