The End.

– How do you evaluate the quality of the professors and other teachers at your host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent):
5; All teachers have scheduled time for your questions and are willing to help any time. The quality of the university and teachers is great and appreciable.
How do you evaluate the quality of the courses you took at the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent):
5; because you choose your courses it help to have the best appropriate semester you needed. A counsellor is helping you as well to choose your courses there.
– On your arrival at the host university, were you offered:
A welcome event: Yes – a welcome week with all international students.
– An information session: Yes            
– An orientation program: Yes, but mostly for bachelor programs.             
– A language course: No because I was already fluent in french. But french or english courses are offered for international students, as well as help in writing for papers and seminars.
How do you consider your degree of integration with local students in the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent):
4; It might be difficult sometimes to get into relationships with locals since they already have their habits and that it seems they do not mix their old friends, university friends, day-life friends… But they still take care of your integration and welcome you for great seminars all together.
How did you find your accommodation?:     
I was living on campus in the university residences. But the most common thing to do is to arrive there and look for shared-flat. It is quite easy to find (much easier than in Umea for sure) and everybody does that. The perfect time to find is before the 1st of July for autumn session, because this day is a big moving day. But you will always find something at any time of the year.    
– Did you have to pay any kind of fees at your host university?: No. But you have to pay for books and printings, which is the same in most of the university. Student card is free and give you free access to huge sport centre.
Recommendations for next year’s students abroad:
Enjoy your time in Montreal, visit places around, travel to New-York, Boston, Chicago, Niagara Falls. But also to Quebec and Gaspesie.
Montreal is a very dynamic city where there is always something to do and you can’t get bored. It is fabulous.