The last post – Evaluation of my exchange semester

1) How do you evaluate the quality of the professors and other teachers at your host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent)?

3- In some courses, I had very good teachers who were experienced in their fields and I looked forward to their lectures. I learnt a lot within these courses. Unfortunately, some teachers were not so good at English and conducted the lectures often in Chinese. In these courses, I regreted I had to attend the lectures. I would prefer self- studying at home in these cases.

2) How do you evaluate the quality of the courses you took at the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent)?

3- If I have to compare the courses in Macau with those I attended at Umea University, I would say those in Macau were weaker. The courses were more theoretical than practical. As I said, lectures were conducted sometimes in both languages English and Chinese. Moreover, I didn’t like that lectures were compulsory. It was a waste of time going there. It would be more efficient to study at home. However, I had to go there to get points to my final grade. I missed more flexibility.

3) On your arrival at the host university, were you offered:

A welcome event: Yes, all exchange students were offered a lunch. We met a Dean, some teachers and our buddies there. It was very nice of them.

An information session: Yes, besides our coordinator was very helpful. Also one student who worked for the university provided us with all necessary information to survive in Macau. He showed us the city and explained useful things like where to go shopping, how to buy a Macau SIM card etc. He spent the whole afternoon to show me everything.

An orientation program: No, it was not necessary because we were only 13 exchange students. We got to know each other very quickly.

A language course: Yes, we had one Chinese lesson every week with one of the best teachers I have ever had.

4) How do you consider your degree of integration with local students in the host university (scale 1-5: 1=poor/negative, 5=excellent)?·

2- As I said we were invited to a lunch after our arrival. We met our buddies there. We talked with them, created a common facegroup. Then, they invited us for a barbecue and one party and then, it was over. I would expect more events, more integration and higher initiative from local students. There is a lot to experince in Chinese culture. All I experienced happened just because I was curious and asked for it. Therefore, I recommend to take the initiative.

5) How did you find your accommodation?

We were living in pairs a hotel with all its comfort. A cleaning lady cleaned and changed our bedlinen every week. The room itself was very nice, cleaned and large. There was air condition too. A big minus was that we had no kitchen so we had to eat out every day. Another minus is that heatings were missing, It was sometimes pretty cold in winter.

6) Did you have to pay any kind of fees at your host university?    

Yes, we had to pay 13, 130 HKD for accommodation for the whole semester upon our arrival. In addition, we had to pay 2000 HKD deposit which we got back at the end of the semester.

7) Recommendations for next year’s students abroad

Try to learn Chinese a little bit before you go. People speak English only at the university.

Don’t be scared about arrival. The university will welcome you very well and help you with everything.

Try to schedule your courses in a few days so that you can travel in the rest of the week. Attend more courses in the first week and select those ones where the level of English is the best.

Ask about Chinese visa in advance. It took me 2 months to get the multientry visa.

Bring warm clothes. Macau is not only crazy hot and wet in summer, very convenient and sunny during autumn but also pretty cold in winter. It can be only +10 and very windy.

Macau is not as cheap as I expected (the rest of Asia is 2-3 times cheaper). You cannot cook and a meal costs around 40 MOP/ 30 SEK. Get ready to eat a lot of rice.

Take advantage of the amazing position of Macau. You can travel cheaply not only to China but also to the whole South-Eastern Asia. All places I have seen were amazing. Check flights also from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen. All these cities are nearby and offer often cheaper tickets.

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